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NGS / SNPChip: Comprehensive technological solutions for precise, personalized medicine & biology

GGenetracer Biotech has the authorization of the counseling of health as authorized Center of Genetics (U.78) to market its first two major lines of business, products based on genotyping (SNPchip) and sequencing (NGS).

Our goal is to both scientific development and the marketing of multiple products in the field of nutritional Genomics, pharmacogenetics, cancer, (lung cancer and colon, breast cancer or the full panel of cancer), hereditary diseases, the exome and transcriptome analysis. 

These products can be self-developed based on a close collaboration with health workers through which it will be available or full (laboratories of clinical analyses, hospitals, offices, pharmacy, etc). 


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“I have been working with Genetracer Biotech on a non-conventional sequencing project that has required a very active involvement of their technical staff.”

ico-pdf  Javier Ruiz Ederra. Neuroscience Department. BioDonostia, Health Research Institute

“Genetracer Biotech provided us customized services of gene expression in a large number of samples with high quality and personalized support.”

ico-pdf  Javier Meana. Pharmacology Department, University of the Basque Country

“I had an excellent experience working with Genetracer Biotech on Ampliseq Transcriptome Human Gene Panel with RNA samples from urine, formalin fixed paraffin embedded and laser capture microdissection.”

ico-pdf  Juanjo Lozano. Head of Bioinformatic CIBERehd Platform

“We have had the pleasure of working with Genetracer Biotech to perform a differential gene expression (DEG) analysis of RNA-seq with the Ampliseq Transcriptome Human Gene Panel.”

ico-pdf  Pau Sancho-Bru. Liver Fibrosis Lab. IDIBAPS

Genetracer Biotech in the news

411, 2015

On November 6 2015, Genetracer Biotech has participated at the “II Conference of Young Scientists of Cantabria (AJIC)”.

On November 6 2015, Genetracer Biotech has participated at the "II Conference of Young Scientists of Cantabria". Dr. Carlos Cortijo, CEO at Genetracer Biotech,  has participated in a Roundtable entitled "Present and Future of Research [...]

1610, 2015

Report on the Genetracer Biotech’s activities that was published in the Annual Report of Innovation in Spain 2015

Publication of the report on the Genetracer Biotech's activities that was published in the Annual Report of Innovation in Spain 2015, edited by INNOVASPAIN GENETRACER BIOTECH_Anuario Inovación

610, 2015

Genetracer Biotech has become EQA Assessor Scheme for Lung cancer

Based on experience gained in the field of oncology, Genetracer Biotech has become EQA (External Quality Assessment) Assessor Scheme for lung cancer. The objective is annual provision of EQA schemes which meet [...]