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Genetracer Biotech is a company that was founded in 2012 by scientists, researchers and Spanish business professionals with in-depth experience in genetic-research and the Spanish business world.

Genetracer Biotech makes its patents, translational research from top universities and medical-industry knowledge available to hospital laboratories and research centres from the health, pharmaceutical, bio-tech and food industries.

The company is led by Dr. Carlos Cortijo who has over 19 years research, teaching and business experience in the health & medical industry. Dr. Cortijo has gained extensive industry experiences by specializing in managing the integration and management of translational knowledge enabling the transition of basic research into clinical applications in order to ensure the creation of viable commercial products and services.

Genetracer Biotech is able to respond to the demand for personalized target medicine and use it’s knowledge of high-value genomic research to develop more efficient therapies that will increase patient quality of life and longevity.


Genetracer Biotech aims to become a Spain’s best known bio-medicine service company for defining precision patient-oriented therapies in order to design new treatments that are predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory. 


Genetracer Biotech uses its patents, medical-industry knowledge and translational research from top universities in the field of ‘omics’ to offer personalized medicine capable of changing therapy focus from disease prevention towards the twin concepts of health and wellness. 


The values that guide the strategy and day-to-day actions of Genetracer Biotech are: leading-edge scientific and technical reserach based on responsible collaboration with scientists and medical-health professionals, and comprehensive respect for technical, scientific and human integrity and confidentiality.