Genetracer Biotech is at the forefront of Genomic, Liquid Biopsy and Bio-data Analysis

Genetracer Biotech uses world-class platforms for analysis: Ion Proton™ (Lifetechnologies), EP1 System (Fluidigm) and IsoFlux (Fluxion Biosciences)

Ion Proton™

Genetracer Biotech ha obtenido el certificado de Life Technologies como Service Provider de Ion Ampliseq™ Exome. La obtención de este gran reto, permite garantizar a nuestros clientes los máximos estándares de calidad y seguridad en Next Generation Sequencing.

Ion Proton ™ uses semiconductor Ion Torrent ™ sequencing technology. Ion technology Torrent ™ uses a chip to convert chemically coded information (A, C, G, T) into digital information (0,1). The result is sequencing technology that is simpler, faster and more cost-effective and scalable than any other available technology.

The Ion Proton ™ System eliminates the high cost and complexity of large-scale genome sequencing. The system not only offers rapid, high-quality exome and transcriptoma-sequencing, but it also offers whole genome target selection using Ion AmpliSeq ™ multiplexing technology.


Genetracer Biotech transfers patient data directly from Torrent ™ Software Suite to Ion Reporter ™ Software. Ion Reporter ™ provides tools to easily manage, control, organize and highlight samples from any computer. Ion Reporter ™ simplifies the annotation to VCF files. In uploaded VCF files, variants can be updated with information from sources such as dbSNP, 1,000 genomes, OMIM, COMIC, etc. Ion Reporter ™ can even upload personalized annotations for use within the software.

EP1 System

The EP1 System is a platform that enables highly efficient analyses of SNP genotyping at reduced cost and processing-time. Designed for nuclease 5 trials using licensed Taqman, as well as PCR allele specific, the EP1 System offers an open and flexible platform to accommodate the reagents and chemical of your choice.

Genetracer Biotech uses HX Fluidigm IFC drivers. This system is part of a complete system for genetic analysis of high performance, including dynamic arrays of Fluidigm and thermocyclers. With the HX IFC driver, 9.216 reactions can be configured quickly and effectively within integrated circuits (IFCs) fluids. HX IFC controller software has been designed to be intuitive and powerful, with options to create different reports that are easily transferred to software commonly used in association studies.