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A minimally invasive genetic test that allows to study the genetic evolution of the tumor from circulating free nucleic acids (cfTNA), combined with the analysis with new generation massive sequencing (NGS). The information obtained enables the creation of a dynamic tumor control report. DECODER analyzes 90 distinct genes, including SNVs, CNVs, Gene fusions and Tumor suppressor genes.

Provides accurate information in real time about the genetic profile of the tumor and the prognosis after treatment.

Allows early detection of metastases, before standard methods.

Spiral is a genetic test that allows deciphering the genetic fingerprint of the tumor in asymptomatic people belonging to a population at risk and under a sanitary environment. Spiral, allows from a blood sample, enumerate the circulating tumor cells and analyze more than 3500 genetic alterations associated with cancer. And if necessary, it also includes the study of genes associated with known hereditary cancers.

The early detection of tumor markers favors the early diagnosis of cancer and the possibility of cure.

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“I have been working with Genetracer Biotech on a non-conventional sequencing project that has required a very active involvement of their technical staff.”

ico-pdf  Javier Ruiz Ederra. Neuroscience Department. BioDonostia, Health Research Institute

“Genetracer Biotech provided us customized services of gene expression in a large number of samples with high quality and personalized support.”

ico-pdf  Javier Meana. Pharmacology Department, University of the Basque Country

“I had an excellent experience working with Genetracer Biotech on Ampliseq Transcriptome Human Gene Panel with RNA samples from urine, formalin fixed paraffin embedded and laser capture microdissection.”

ico-pdf  Juanjo Lozano. Head of Bioinformatic CIBERehd Platform

“We have had the pleasure of working with Genetracer Biotech to perform a differential gene expression (DEG) analysis of RNA-seq with the Ampliseq Transcriptome Human Gene Panel.”

ico-pdf  Pau Sancho-Bru. Liver Fibrosis Lab. IDIBAPS

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1312, 2018

Genetracer Biotech in the UAM (Colombia)

Genetracer Biotech held a conference, by Xabier Elcoroaristizabal Martín, bioinformatic and quality analyst, in the "Auditorio del Edificio Fundadores" of the Autonomous University of Manizales (Colombia) called "Applications of Next [...]