The main aims of Genetracer Biotech are to develop different activities in health and biotechnology research & development. Genetracer Biotech’s know-how comes from its founders’ knowledge and experience gained through previous research work in pharmacogenomics, with a particular focus on genomics that have an important influence on cholinergic activity and metabolism and nicotinic receptors in the central nervous System. These results have now been patented: WO2013/156658 A1 and WO2013/156657 A1.

Such previous research experience contributed to Genetracer Biotech’s development of proprietary know-how and large genomic and transcriptomic knowledge and sample libraries. Genetracer’s sample libraries are actively used to complete initial research and generate new patents. Genetracer’s current research samples are filed at the Registro Nacional de Biobancos (sección de colecciones) from Instituto de Salud Carlos III with the next code numbers: C.0002984 y C.0001976.