« I have been working with Genetracer Biotech on a non-conventional sequencing project that has required a very active involvement of their technical staff. »

ico-pdf-gris   Javier Ruiz Ederra. Neuroscience Department. BioDonostia, Health Research Institute

« Genetracer Biotech provided us customized services of gene expression in a large number of samples with high quality and personalized support. »

ico-pdf-gris   Javier Meana. Pharmacology Department, University of the Basque Country

« I had an excellent experience working with Genetracer Biotech on Ampliseq Transcriptome Human Gene Panel with RNA samples from urine, formalin fixed paraffin embedded and laser capture microdissection. »

ico-pdf-gris   Juanjo Lozano. Head of Bioinformatic CIBERehd Platform

« We have had the pleasure of working with Genetracer Biotech to perform a differential gene expression (DEG) analysis of RNA-seq with the Ampliseq Transcriptome Human Gene Panel. »

ico-pdf-gris   Pau Sancho-Bru. Liver Fibrosis Lab. IDIBAPS

« I had an excellent experience working with Genetracer Biotech on exome sequencing in a patient with an unidentified disease. The team was able to indentify a genetic variant of high clinical significance. »

ico-pdf-gris   Elena Pavlova. Department of Medicine. University of Cambridge

« I’m having an excellent experience working with their technical staff. They are very involved in the project and work with high quality providing a very fast service. »

ico-pdf-gris Isabel Tejada. IIS BIOCRUCES/GCV CIBERER

« We are very pleased to have conducted Ion Ampliseq Transcriptome experiments at GeneTracer Biotech. We were given an excellent advice on experimental design and a very fast service. They are very adaptable in order to fulfill the needs of the researcher. We will definitely repeat in the future. »

ico-pdf-gris  Lourdes Mengual_testimonio

« Les prestations de services de Genetracer n’existent pas au Maroc et leurs installations seront très souhaitables pour la qualité des décisions Médicales Thérapeutiques. »

ico-pdf-gris   Dr. A. Grefft Alami. Oncologie Médicale. Centre Aliouasi. Maroc

« Genetracer Biotech provided the service quickly and with affordable costs. The Researcher’s Team conducted counseling services during the project development, conducting quickly and clearly delivering the results analysis. »

ico-pdf-gris  Dr. Carlos Andrés Naranjo-UAM-Colombia

« We have recently run an Ampliseq sequencing project with Genetracer Biotech, and I have to say that I have been happy all the way through, from project design to data delivery… »

ico-pdf-gris  Dra. Marta Fernandez-Mercado – AECC – Molecular Oncology Group, Biodonostia HRI